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Who can add seminars?
How to register?
How to add a seminar?
Is it possible to change seminar data?
Where to find more information?

Who can add seminars?
Anyone who is registered can add seminars to this website. So you can present information about your activities too.

How to register?
Registration is very easy. You choose your user name and password, fill in a short form and you can then add your seminar. With the registration you agree that you will follow the code of conduct.
If you want to add another seminar, you needn't register again, just login with your name and password.

How to add a seminar?
Adding a seminar is very easy. Once you are registered, login to the system with your user name and password. Then you fill in a form with basic information about the seminar (teacher´s name, date and place, contact) and if you want to add optional information about the seminar (price, schedule, accommodation etc.), feel free to do so. This will automatically create a page with a poster about the seminar. And that all you need to do to add your seminar.

Is it possible to change seminar data?
Of course, if you know new details about your seminar, you can update information on your page. You find your seminar on the page Seminars and there is the message 'Change'. Only the person who added the seminar can change it.
You can also delete your seminar.

Where to find more information?
If you will have any problems using this system, write to the
administrator of this website. If you find some errors on this website or if you have some exception to the operation of this website you can also write.


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