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This page presents basic info about our aikido organisation. It's called the Slovak Aikido Friends Society (SSPA).

Basic information about SSPA
Structure of the organization
Short history of SSPA

Basic information about SSPA
SSPA is a voluntary public association of practitioners, teachers, officials and friends of aikido and martial arts. It is an open, nonpolitical organization built on ideas of tolerance, nonviolence and peace.
The main goal of SSPA is to help to raise the technical level of aikido practice and propagation of aikido as a modern educational system. In cooperation with its members and associated organizations, SSPA creates a material, personal and organizational base in order to achieve these goals.
SSPA holds educational programs: training camps, workshops, training of instructors and awards its members kyu and dan technical grades and instructors grades.
Everyone who agrees with the SSPA charter can become a member of SSPA. Practitioners are associated in clubs with their own legal personality. By registration to SSPA they are entitled to ties and rights of SSPA member (according to charter of SSPA).
In accordance to the principles of frankness and tolerance there are people of almost all ages, men and women and people of many professions and backgrounds and ideas represented, who have however one thing in common - the interest in aikido and the will to work on development of aikido.
According to its charter, SSPA cooperates with its members, state management, nongovermental organizations and other friendly organizations. The most important is cooperation with aikido organizations abroad. SSPA keeps warm contacts with the Czech aikido federation (ČFAI), whose teachers often come to Slovakia. SSPA also has good relationships with other czech and slovak aikido organizations. The links with the french FFAAA are important for technical progress. The FFAAA technical comissar Franck Noel (6th dan Aikikai) is the technical control for SSPA and he is also the connection between SSPA and IAF (International aikido federation). Franck Noel is indirectly elected shihan for the SSPA with possibility to give international aikido dan grades. SSPA still continues in making new contacts with good teachers abroad to ensure technical rise of its members.
From non aikido organizations, SSPA cooperates mainly with the Faculty of Physical Education and Sport on Comenius University (FTVŠ UK) in Bratislava and has a licence from the Ministery of Education SR, and together give teacher grades.

Structure of organization
In the structure of SSPA there are is included a plenary assmebly, executive board and dan college. The plenary assembly is the supreme body of SSPA. It usually meets once a year. It decides about all important questions - the origin and end of SSPA, elects the executive board, ratifies the charter and gives tasks to other parts of the organisation. Club representatives participate in every session.
The executive board is the statute and administrative part of SSPA. It includes the president of SSPA, secretary and treasurer. The executive board decides about problems which are not handled by the plenary assembly.
The dan college is an assembly of dan grade students. It decides about questions of technical character (suggestion of technical rule, nominating of exam comissars, development of calendar of seminars...) Every member of the dan college holds number of votes according to his dan grade. The leader of dan college is elected president of the dan college.

History of SSPA
SSPA was founded on 15th October 1998 by registration with the Ministry of the Interior. On 31th October the first plenary assembly of members of constituent clubs (Martin, Banská Bystrica, Žilina, Bratislava, Lučenec, Dolný Kubín, Detva) was held.
During the first year of its activity SSPA received the graduation of teachers level licence by Ministry of Education SR and started with the teachers education program. It established connections with organizations abroad and held national and international workshops. In the year 1999 a few new clubs joined the organization (Žiar nad Hronom, Zvolen, Trenčín, Poprad).
SSPA went on this trend of increasing the number of its members, raising the technical and educational levels of its practitioners during next years. At present it has about 550 practitioners in 17 clubs.

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