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Seminars at SSPA in RSS format
What is RSS?
RSS aggregators
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Seminars at SSPA in RSS format
We decided to publish the seminar calendar from our database in RSS1.0 format. You can find it in slovak and english versions at the following links: You can view the data in your web browser, but it will be better if you download and install one of real RSS aggregators. Then you can put our RSS link into your aggregator.

What is RSS?
RSS is a metadata format, which is used for syndication of news headlines and article abstracts at web portals. RSS feed is usually a list of items that contain a title, short description and a link to the full article. Then there are applications, so called RSS Aggregators, which are able to read RSS documents. User can put into the aggregator links to RSS of his/her favourite websites and application reports, when a new article appears.
That means the user doesn't have to visit all web portals in search for an interesting piece of information. Reading all RSS feeds in an aggregator is far enough.
But RSS can be used not only for syndication of article abstracts. It can contain practically any list: weblog items, bookmarks, documents or event calendars. It can also contain a seminar calendar.

RSS aggregators
The list of some applications to view RSS feeds follows. Feel free to download and install them. They are small and for free.
Very good RSS reader for Windows, simple to install and use.
Multiplatform RSS aggregator, based on Java. Requires Java 1.4.2 to be installed on your computer.

More info about RSS
More information about RSS you can find here:


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