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frum (foto: Tom Redlinger)  
Frum je sluba, kde mete zanecha svoj odkaz ostatnm nvtevnkom strnky a preta si, o Vm odkazuj oni. Tie tu mete napsa svoje pripomienky k strnke.
(Pouvan jazyky s slovenina a anglitina.)

zobrazen 1. - 25. odkaz z 73698

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The comet has experienced a number of outbursts during the past eight months, causing it to eject gas and dust. While such releases are not uncommon in comets and a crescent or Pac-Man shape has been observed in other ones, it’s difficult to tell what is normal for Pons-Brooks.
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Comets are chunks of dust, rock and ice, essentially frozen remnants from the formation of the solar system. They also contain frozen elements such as carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide.

Comets heat up and brighten as they approach the sun, and some of the frozen gases stored in comets don’t need to warm up much before they begin to turn into vapor, Schleicher said.

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Dubai is set to add another towering figure to its skyline.

The Aeternitas Tower, officially unveiled at a launch event last week, will be the world’s tallest residential clock tower at a staggering 450 meters (1,476 feet) tall — more than four times the height of London’s Big Ben, and just 22 meters (72 feet) short of the world’s tallest residential building, the Central Park Tower in New York City.
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London Gate purchased the plot of land in Dubai Marina, which already had the beginnings of an unfinished 106-story structure — and knew that the tower’s monumental size needed a striking facade, said Tom Hill, media relations coordinator for the developer.

“We believe the clock will be seen from six kilometers away because of the sheer height of the building,” said Hill, adding that the clock face will be an enormous 40 meters (131 feet) tall and 30 meters (98 feet) wide.

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